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Commander Hills giving a World War II naval aviation talk to E. L. Wright middle school students.

Commander Hills explains the job of a World War II Dauntless pilot to E. L. Wright middle school students.

I’m Waring “Butch” Hills, a native of Mount Pleasant, SC. If you told me that I would retire from my Navy career and return home to work on an aircraft carrier, I would have laughed. But… here I am today onboard the USS Yorktown (CV-10).

I served as an E-2C naval flight officer in the Navy, with tours at VAW-126, VAW-78, VAW-77 and CVWR-20. I am also a private pilot and historian. I was selected to attend Navy Fighter Weapons School in January – February 1983, graduated from the Naval War College (Off-campus) in 1989 and received my MA in History from the Citadel/University of Charleston. I now help to bring CV-10 to life as she continues to serve her nation, first as a warship (1943-1970) and today as a museum and classroom at Mount Pleasant, SC (1975-present).

Every month I meet fascinating folks onboard visiting the second of our nation’s Essex class aircraft carriers and will be posting their visits and pictures/videos in the future. Check in every month to see what has been happening onboard and who has visited. On the scout page we’ll cover the plethora of Boy and Girl Scouts who actually camp onboard.

Significant historical events, mainly naval or those associated with Yorktown and South Carolina, will also be featured in my blog.

I also hope to hear from you, any and all questions…We have a ready deck for you here at Patriots Point onboard the YORKTOWN…come along on our journey…it’s never boring…launch’em!



  1. Butch,
    Your blog is the missing link at Patriots Point website. I like the photos of group activities, it promotes interest compaired to a list of visting groups. The groups would like to see their pictures on the web too.
    Bob Webb

  2. Hi Butch,

    I am interested in requesting for permission to use one of your images for our company’s marketing material. I work for INVISIO Communications, a company that specializes in developing in-ear hearing protection headsets for the military, special forces, SWAT etc. Please look at http://www.invisiocommunications.com.

    I look very much forward to your reply. Thank you in advance and have a pleasant day!

    Kind Regards,

    • Hi Hema,

      I don’t have a problem with you using the image, just give us photo credit and you can use whichever images you would like. Butch

  3. Hi Butch,

    Thank you very much !! We highly appreciate it 🙂 Rest assured we will give you photo credits 🙂

    Best Regards,

  4. Hey Butch,

    It’s been a while, but I’ll be returning to pay a visit to everyone on the Yorktown before heading down to Pensacola for flight school. I made Naval Flight Officer, so I’ll probably be hanging out in the back of an E2C2 2 years from now. I’ll be in Charleston on the night of Monday, October 3rd through Tuesday, October 4th. I hope to see everyone then! And thank you for everything you did for me over the 2 years I was stationed in Charleston working on the Yorktown, to you and everyone at Patriot’s Point!

    Very Respectfully,

    Frank C. Napier

    • Looking forward to seeing you, if you’d like a home cooked meal give me a ring at 843.729.8063.


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