Posted by: Waring Hills | 13 September 2011

Just Another Day On Yorktown At Patriots Point

Kindred employees prepare for their video by forming their corporate symbol "Kindred Man" on the flight deck of Yorktown.

As our crowd demographics move from summertime families to fall reunion groups and older adults, the days become a little quieter at Patriots Point, but everyday brings something different and interesting!

Yesterday some of the staff of Kindred Hospital in Charleston showed up on the flight deck of USS Yorktown to work on some corporate competition between the 76,000 employees of the Kindred Hospital system throughout the nation. Led by their Chief Executive Officer Jennifer Sheets, the enthusiast group of employees were here to perform in the filming of their music video entitled, “We’re All In This Together.” While the videographer was setting them up for their performance I took a few shots of them on our flight deck as seen below.

Film crew prepares for shooting the Kindred Video up on the O-6 level, navigation bridge in background.

When asked why they were shooting their video here on Yorktown, CEO Sheets explained that the USS Yorktown was a prominent part of the Charleston skyline and she wanted to introduce the national Kindred audience to such a powerful image.  Additionally, she has four sons who love climbing around the aircraft carrier and seeing…touching the aircraft onboard.

Kindred employees dancing for the production of their video (see film crew on far right).

Good luck to Kindred Charleston in their competition!

Tonight the South Carolina National Guard will be conducting terrorist response training drills on the USS Yorktown…you never know what might be happening here at Patriots Point!



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