Posted by: Waring Hills | 3 August 2011

North Charleston SWAT Team Repells Off Yorktown Flightdeck

North Charleston SWAT team practices repelling from Yorktown to awaiting police boats.

Not just your average person visits Yorktown, sometimes our local law enforcement and first responders utilize the World War II Essex carrier as a unique training facility and today was one of those days. The North Charleston Police SWAT team were hoping for a sea breeze on a hot day and instead of a concrete tower or building repelled sixty feet from the flight deck of the USS Yorktown to awaiting police/SWAT boats motoring on Charleston Harbor.  Here’s a closer look at the inflatable go-fast and the T-top deep-V fiberglass hulled vessels below (loaded with all the options!).

Watch the boats and repelling on our YouTube channel below…

Patriots Point salutes all police officers and first responders who train even in hot, miserable weather so that they can perform safely and proficiently!  Every community should have such dedicated professionals!



  1. Wow…those guys are hot, in more than one way!!!! Thanks for your service:)


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