Posted by: Waring Hills | 29 July 2011

Manatees At Patriots Point!

A manatee couple feeding at Patriots Point.

It’s not everyday that one sees a manatee at Patriots Point, but it does happen more than you think. The last couple of summers we have seen frequent almost weekly manatee activity at Patriots Point from our pier and ships. They winter in Florida and move north when the waters warm. Learn more about manatees at Save The Manatees website.

Manatee range from Florida (...winter, ___summer, --occasional in summer)

I noticed this pair today returning from lunch around 1 PM. They were not moving, but seemed to be feeding on the bottom and frolicking in the water close together. Lots of our visitors were snapping pictures from the pier.

I returned to my office for my camera and when I returned the manatees had moved over near submarine Clamagore and were feeding on the growth on the lines seen in the picture above. They then swam over closer to the submarine and began to wrestle together…I don’t think it was wresting though…watched them for about 40 minutes.

You can learn more about South Carolina’s manatee population and report sightings at SCDNR’s website here… I filed a report and the DNR folks quickly asked for the photo with the prop scar seen below in the next to last picture.

Manatee sightings from 1850 to 2004

Feeding on the marine growth on a mooring line at Patriots Point.

Manatees prepare for the next generation! Notice the prop scar (white line) on the manatee to the left.

Manatees visit Patriots Point! See you next time big boy!



  1. WOW! I had just found out that this area had manatees yesterday. We are planning to move down there. So today, the person who told me “happened” to get this and sent me the link. Awesome! What an exciting addition to my list of reasons for moving to the Charleston area. Thank you for being so detailed in your information and great photographs! Save the Manatees!

  2. Manatee in Charleston today!


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