Posted by: Waring Hills | 5 May 2011

First American In Space: Naval Aviator Alan Shepard, 50 Years Ago

Here are videos on our Video Thursday celebrating Naval Aviator and Astronaut Alan Shepard‘s achievements in space from 05 May 1961 and beyond… Enjoy this look at the past! Of all the achievements of naval aviators in its first 50 years, it is amazing that the first American in space would launch in the 50th year of Naval Aviation.  Just imagine what we may see in the next 50 years!

First, we watch the launch at 9:34 AM EST and the mission summary for the first Mercury flight of Al’s Freedom 7 on 05 May 1961.

Next is a clip of an interview with Al about his Freedom 7 flight…

Here is an amazing color clip of Al at the White House with President Kennedy giving him a civilian medal. Kennedy makes the mistake of calling him “Commander” Shepard at the beginning, but reverts to “Mr.” Shepard as Kennedy wanted our space program to not have military implications.

Here is Alan’s moon mission landing, Apollo 14, 31 January  – 09 February  1971.

Last, but not  least the golf shot seen around the solar system!

Freedom 7 launch on 05 May 1961. (Photo: NASA)

Mission Commander of Apollo 14, Astronaut Alan Shepard deploying the national flag. (Photo: NASA)



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