Posted by: Waring Hills | 2 May 2011

Salute To Navy SEALS

FORT PIERCE, FL - Members of the US Navy SEAL Team 18 Commandos perform a mock search for insurgents in a makeshift building faade while performing a helicopter assault on mock enemy troops during the Annual National Navy UDT-SEAL Museum's Muster XXIV held at the museum's grounds on North Hutchinson Island. (Photo by Eric Hasert

Americans today can finally feel that justice has been served with the death of Osama Bin Laden. When the CIA finally tracked down the mastermind of the 9.11 attack on America, the decision was made to send in United States Navy SEALS (Sea, Air, Land) to do the job and make sure Bin Laden was captured or killed.  The ultra secret Team Six (the SEALS deny the existence of Team Six) was selected to perform the dangerous mission only 40 miles north of the Pakistani capital Islamabad, in a compound in Abbottabad. Around 20 to 25 Team Six members took about 40 minutes to kill Bin Laden, one of his sons, two of his couriers and one woman used to shield a fighter. They also scoured the compound for intelligence items such as computer hard drives, etc.

America is proud of our dedicated SEALS who serve to keep America Free and Safe from threats around the world. They don’t hide behind women or use children as bombs.

Here’s a 60 Minutes look at SEAL operations in Afghanistan…



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