Posted by: Waring Hills | 15 April 2011

Navy UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) Development 1923!

F5-L Seaplane (Photo courtesy of )

On 15 April 1923 the Naval Research Laboratory (NRL) made known its early work in the development of the first UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) for the Navy. A specially equipped F5L seaplane was controlled by radio signals up to a range of 10 miles from the transmitter. The NRL also reported that radio control of takeoff and landing of aircraft was possible.

The technology for drones or today’s UAVs has advanced far beyond the vacuum tube technology of the 1920’s. Today’s integrated circuits, computers, fiber optics and other advanced technologies are pushing UAVs into the mainstream for the military and one day the civilian world.

Watch the present and future of UAVs in these videos…

Here’s a look at how Predator/Reaper operations run…

Imagine from the F5-L above to these Navy UAVs being developed today…



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