Posted by: Waring Hills | 24 March 2011

Video Thursday 3.24.11 American Tomcats, Russian Sukhoi and French Super Entendard!

This is the Centennial Year of Naval Aviation in the United States, and naval aviators have been flying onto (traps) and launching (cats) from ships for over 100 years. It is a dangerous business, but our pilots through experience, blood and training have become the best in the world at doing this. Today we’ll watch a few naval aviators around the world and discover why… of course, you can tell I’m unbiased! ;^)…our Naval Aviators are the best!

Tomcat carrier launches and traps…**some foul language may be heard here coming from the reporters, real aviators never use such language…at least not on a normal catapult launch.**

Russian Sukhoi comes close to buying the farm. Здесь Россию струи из компании “Сухой” почти покупает ферму.

An unfortunate Super Entendard launch…Ici, nous voyons un lancement d’un malheureux Entendard Super à bord du porte-avions français Charles de Gaulle. La plupart des aviateurs navals français sont très bons!

Even after 100 years, naval aviation is not for the faint of heart, but only for those born of a brave spirit and a free soul.

Now where men are not their own masters and independent, but are ruled by despots, they are not really militarily capable, but only appear to be warlike…For men’s souls are enslaved and they refuse to run the risks to increase the power of somebody else. But independent people, taking risks on their own behalf and not on the behalf of others, are willing and eager to go into danger, for they themselves enjoy the prize of victory.

Hippocrates –  Airs, Waters, Places (16,23)



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