Posted by: Waring Hills | 8 March 2011

March Madness Aircraft Carrier Competition

First bracket with USS Yorktown in the March Madness Aircraft Carrier competition!

The United States Naval Air Forces Facebook page is promoting a March Madness Aircraft Carrier Competition. Help Yorktown win this tournament by going to their FB page and clicking on this link or picture for USS Yorktown here. If you are having problems, you have to “Like” US Naval Air Forces before you can “Like” the Yorktown’s picture!

The Fighting Lady faces Tarawa in the first round, scouting reports show that the Yorktown’s crew has a little more tournament experience than Tarawa, but hopefully they will not look past her to Abraham Lincoln which received a first round bye…not sure how that happened as they haven’t faced the foes that Yorktown has this season. Vote early and often and I’ll report on the outcome on Friday!



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