Posted by: Waring Hills | 24 February 2011

Video Thursday 2.24.11 Yesterday’s Guns, Today’s Guns, Tomorrow’s Guns

USS Wisconsin firing her 16 inch guns!

Today on Video Thursday, we’ll take a look at multiple naval guns across the barriers of time. First we’ll start off with some old guns from the USS Wisconsin BB-64, during the battleship era her 16 inch guns were the most feared guns on the high seas.

Next we’ll look at two of today’s  CIWS (Close In Weapon System, aka Sea Whiz) gun systems. The first is the United States Navy 20mm Phalanx gun built by Raytheon, again more nicknames…American sailors call it R2D2 from the Star Wars droid and British sailors call it the Daleks from the alien in the popular Dr. Who series.

Our second Sea Whiz gun is the Dutch version with a slighter larger caliber, 30 mm, called the Goalkeeper. Watch it eat this incoming missile!

Lastly, we look at the guns of the future…no more metal projectiles, only the concentrated power of light…watch this laser weapon carve up an incoming drone…





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