Posted by: Waring Hills | 14 February 2011

Boeing Model 205 Fighter

Boeing XF5B-1 monoplane fighter (Photo: San Diego Air & Space Museum Archives)

The first monoplane  designed to fly off of aircraft carriers, a Boeing Model 205 fighter, was delivered to Naval Air Station Anacostia for evaluation on 14 February 1930. The fighter was designated the XF5B-1 for Navy purposes. The aircraft was tested for  several years, but no orders were forthcoming from the Navy.  The aircraft was noted for its adverse landing, takeoff and high altitude characteristics, but was used to obtain more data to compare monoplane and biplane types.

Boeing had provided some of the first successful Navy fighters in the F-4B which flew from Navy carriers from 1931 to 1941.   (586 F4Bs were built).

(Photo: San Diego Air & Space Museum Archives)

Today Boeing supplies the F-18 Hornet for United States Navy and Marine Corps pilots…watch below an airshow demonstration of the Hornet’s capabilities…




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