Posted by: Waring Hills | 27 January 2011

First Airship To Land On Aircraft Carrier, 1928!

USS Los Angeles, ZR-3, lands onboard USS Saratoga, CV-3, 28 January 1928. (NH Photo: 63067)

ZR-3, USS Los Angeles, was a zeppelin built in Germany for the United States Navy as part of a reparations payment. She was our longest-serving airship from 1924-1939. Her landing onboard the USS Saratoga on 28 January 1928 was a one-time event and as far as I know the only airship landing on a carrier. There possibly were others during the World War II years, but I haven’t found any documented yet.

Another shot of Los Angeles onboard Saratoga 1928 (NH Photo: 44097)

Here is a view of Los Angeles moored to USS Patoka (AO-9) off Panama during Fleet Problem XII, circa February 1931. USS Lexington (CV-2), at right, and a battleship are also present. (NH photo: 65300)

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