Posted by: Waring Hills | 26 January 2011

First Seaplane (Hydroaeroplane) Flight 1911!


Glenn Curtiss (1878-1930)

Today one hundred years ago, Glenn Curtiss made the first successful seaplane or as known then, hydroaeroplane, at North Island, San Diego, California. Navy Lieutenant T. G. Ellyson was a witness and helped Curtiss prepare for the first seaplane flight.

The United States Navy would buy its first seaplane, the Curtiss A-1 in July 1911.

Below are a takeoff and landing of a replica Curtiss A-1 built for the Curtiss Centennial this year, watch and imagine the wonder of yesteryear!

…and here is what happens if you make a BAD seaplane landing, well I guess any landing you can swim away or paddle away from is a sort of good landing!



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