Posted by: Waring Hills | 20 January 2011

Video Thursday 1.20.11

It’s Video Thursday and if you haven’t read or seen the news today, Patriots Point is going to try to interest the Boeing Company in joining us here on Charleston Harbor. The Boeing Company has long been a  supplier of aircraft to the Navy (currently builds the F-18 Hornet) and is now in the process of completing its new factory at the Charleston International Airport for the construction of Boeing’s latest jetliner the 787 or Dreamliner. Here is a video on the Boeing Company, check out all the Naval aircraft…

This past Monday we were privileged to have the Women’s Glee Club from the United States Naval Academy perform onboard USS Yorktown and they wowed the crowd of over 200 who assembled to hear them. One of their small vocal groups call themselves the Sirens and as they mention in their introduction…”Sirens were mythical creatures with unsurpassed beauty, enticing charm, and mystical, magical powers that lured young sailors to their deaths.” No one died at their performance, but their music was certainly killer!

A few of these young lady midshipmen were looking forward to graduating from the Naval Academy, claiming their commissions as officers and heading off to flight training…our next video shows advanced flight training in the Boeing T-45 Goshawk  jet trainer with young Navy pilots practicing the fine art of formation flying…




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