Posted by: Waring Hills | 6 January 2011

Video Thursday…06 January 2011

Welcome to Video Thursday! Since this year is the Centennial Year of Naval Aviation, today we’ll look at some old Naval Aviation technology aka aircraft and some new ones! Ride ’em cowboy!

Check out these early (1922) landings on the USS Langley, CV-1, Yee-haw! Hold on to your hat partners!

Here is a clip from a German newsreel in the 1920’s showing a seaplane launch from a crusier, watch the skip launch technique and then the amazing flying in reverse recovery technique…these pilots earned their flight pay! Launch’ em!

The German text translates, “In the air shot. The American warships are now officially provided with a starting device for easier launch of float planes.  Emelka Week (Name of the Newsreel service)

And now check out the smoothness and powerful of today’s technology or aircraft, flown by Navy pilots with the world’s best training and citizens of a free republic…

Makes you proud to be an American, right! Ask Lee Greenwood, and he’ll tell you in the video below!



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