Posted by: Waring Hills | 2 December 2010

Video Thursday 02 Dec 2010

Welcome to Video Thursday! Have you ever wondered what it is like to pilot a Navy jet aboard a moving mass of steel at sea? Here’s your chance, watch this S-3 Viking pilot below, see his methodical scan from cockpit instruments to the ship and back and forth again as he approaches the ship, you can also hear the engine noises as he works the throttle to maintain a 3.5 degree glideslope as he flies his jet into the flight deck of this Nimitz class carrier…it’s not for the faint of heart…


Now for the really scary one…A NIGHT LANDING…let me avert my eyes on this one…watch this one only if your life insurance is paid up, to make the effect more realistic…watch it in your closet with the light out…

Lastly, one of our former World War II sailors and famous actor Ernest Borgnine (Gunners Mate 1st Class, US Navy 1935-1945) makes a plea for saving our destroyer museum ships, like the USS Laffey. I loved watching him as a kid when he starred on McHale’s Navy!



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