Posted by: Waring Hills | 22 November 2010

First combat air patrol 1917

Tellier seaplane, notice the 47mm Hotchkiss in the nose of the boat for anti-submarine use.

On 22 November 1917, a Tellier seaplane flown by a naval aviator, Ensign Kenneth R. Smith, was forced down at sea on his flight out of Naval Air Station LeCroisic at the mouth of the Loire River to investigate a report of German submarines south of Belle Isle.  Two days later and minutes before his aircraft sank, he and his crew of two were rescued by a French destroyer. This was the first combat air patrol by a United States Naval Aviator.

Le Croisic is located on the lower left and Belle Island is 30 miles west.

Smith was a 1917 graduate of Yale University and member of the First Yale Unit. Later as Lieutenant Smith, he would receive a Navy Cross for his skill in attacking and damaging a German submarine off France in April 1918.

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