Posted by: Waring Hills | 8 November 2010

Preview to Veterans Day and “Veterans of the Fighting Lady” Portrait Exhibit

Former Marine Jim Morrow talks to a visitor about his World War II service. Jim's portrait is on the left.

Join us on 11 November to commemorate Veterans Day on the USS Yorktown at Patriots Point. Our volunteer-veterans will be holding a “Meet and Greet” from 10 am to 2 pm on USS Yorktown. Our veteran participants include servicemen from most branches of the Armed Forces and from World War II, Korea, and Vietnam and other eras. They will bring photos and other artifacts from their service and look forward to talking with our guests and swapping stories with other veterans.

Portrait of Navy helicopter pilot Art Schmitt and Marine Corps infantry officer John Flinn, both Vietnam veterans.

At 11 am, a minute of silence will be observed on board, otherwise patriotic music will be playing softly in the background during the “Meet and Greet.”

Show producer Shell Royster with veteran and Yorktown volunteer John Kubernat (portrait of World War II naval officer Marvin Veronee to right).

Additionally, we will open a new exhibit “Veterans of the Fighting Lady.” These portraits were done by local artists on several of our volunteers/veterans/Yorktown Association members in an effort to raise needed funds for future exhibits onboard. Read here for more info on the exhibit…

Come on out on Veterans Day to meet our volunteer-veterans, hear their stories, see their portraits and artifacts…and more importantly shake their hands and tell them “Thank you!” You will never forget the experience, nor should you…

Volunteer and Army veteran Arnie Stein addresses the visitors at Imaging Arts during the second night of the "Veterans of the Fighting Lady" exhibit.

Admission is free for veterans and active duty military all day. All other guests will pay normal rates.



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