Posted by: Waring Hills | 5 October 2010

Volunteer Profile – Joe Bosco

Volunteer Joe Bosco opens the Patriots Point Library!

Volunteer Joe Bosco was born in central New York state and lived near Griffiss Air Force Base, which explains part of his fascination with all things that fly. His dad, who was a World War II veteran with service on the USS Burrows, DE-105, used to take him out to watch the B-52s from the Strategic Air Command launch on their continuous airborne patrols during the height of the Cold War.

Joe’s education after high school led him to Boston College, where he graduated with a degree in History and Geography. He entered the small business world after college. Joe was always interested and good at arranging inventory control and improving organization processes in the small businesses where he was employed.

He moved to South Carolina in 2008 and as he was always fascinated by aircraft, World War II and the Cold War, he naturally gravitated to the USS Yorktown at Patriots Point.  Joe has been a cheerful and eager to please our visitor type volunteer and Patriots Point has been lucky to have him. He saw a need in 2009 to restore our library which had been boxed up due to flight deck repairs in 2006. Using his organizational and inventory skills, he taught himself the Dewey decimal system and began unpacking the 400+ unmarked boxes which contained our former library. While unpacking our library, Joe’s attention to detail led to such amazing discoveries as the one below from Admiral Arleigh Burke’s personal collection (possibly via the Charleston Naval Base Library which we received when the base closed in 1995).

Battleship Bismarck signed by the author, Burkard Baron von Müllenheim-Rechberg, for Admiral Burke.

As you can see below and in the first image above, our library is back in business (only for volunteers and staff at the moment)! Thanks Joe, Patriots Point salutes you and your cheerful service!

Patriots Point Library



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