Posted by: Waring Hills | 23 June 2010

June Volunteer Profile – Nina Lindenberg

Nina Lindenberg Patriots Point volunteer

Our June volunteer profile is on Nina Lindenberg. All of our volunteers have interesting stories, but I’m not sure they can meet the standards of Nina’s amazing one. She was born in Alexandria, Egypt and educated in Egypt and France. Nina speaks seven languages: Arabic, English, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, and Italian. She immigrated to Israel and served in the Israeli Army from 1949-50 repairing machine guns. While in Israel she met her husband (originally from Denmark), who was stationed with the Royal Navy in Haifa on a PT boat. In 1953 they moved to the United States to be near his family. They raised two children, a daughter and son, and she has four grandchildren.

In 1985 they relocated to Charleston, SC. Nina and her husband traveled the world and even visited Australia with no reservations. She wasn’t sure about her husband dressing in shorts and knee socks, but upon arrival in Australia she realized that he knew what he was doing, as  all the men were dressed this way.

Nina is the consummate volunteer. She has been a Patriots Point volunteer driving our golf carts for over a year. She also volunteers with the Charleston Symphony, the Dock Street theater, local hospital, soup kitchen, etc.  She is a qualified costume designer and can cook many different ethnic dishes from her travels and experiences in her youth and life. If you are at Patriots Point this summer and need a lift, Nina will greet you with a smile and help you to keep your cool. Patriots Point salutes Nina!

Nina in action at Patriots Point.



  1. Lina sounds like a “cool” lady.
    Bet one could have a very interesting
    consersation with her.

  2. Too bad I called her Lina and not Nina. My grandmom was Lina.

  3. She is fascinating!


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