Posted by: Waring Hills | 21 April 2010

Blue Angels wow scouts on Yorktown Saturday night!

As the sun set Saturday, 17 April, on the Yorktown, the entire Blue Angels team (officer and enlisted) converged on Hangar Deck 3 to meet and greet our weekend campers! Every pilot, except LT C. J. Simonsen (who was doing a maintenance hop getting a jet ready for Sunday’s performance), showed up to talk with the scouts and sign autographs. The Blues met with the scouts for about 1 hour on Saturday evening and I think many scouts had a hard time sleeping after watching the Blues in action earlier in the day and then meeting them face-to-face on Yorktown.  Many of the Blue Angels team had been a scout growing up. A great day for the Blues and the Boy Scouts. Who knows, perhaps one of the scouts on Yorktown this weekend will one day fly as a Blue Angel…

CDR McWherter addresses our campers as the Blue's stand at parade rest in hangar bay 3.

LT Amy Tomlinson, Events Coordinator and F-14 Radar Intercept Officer, meets with our scout campers.

Commander McWherter, Blue Angel #1, poses with a Troop 20 Life Scout onboard Yorktown.

Here is what an industrious scout does, gets the autographs of all the pilots attending the program!

Blue Angel pilots mingle with scouts and parents onboard USS Yorktown at Patriots Point.



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