Posted by: Waring Hills | 17 April 2010

Blue Angels over Charleston Harbor & USS Yorktown (CV-10)

Blue Angel avoiding traffic on the Cooper River bridge (Photo courtesy of Robert Manucy)

The Blue Angels put on a dazzling display of airmanship today over Charleston Harbor and the USS Yorktown. The weather was beautiful, sunny, warm with a slight sea breeze out of the south. The harbor was teeming with small craft as sailboats and powerboats rode at anchor to enjoy the show in between two of America’s most beautiful and historic cities, Charleston and Mount Pleasant. Not only was the harbor brimming, but every shoreline through binoculars showed wall to wall crowds and on the roofs of buildings.

Thirty minutes before the show on flight deck of Yorktown looking towards the bridge.

Charleston was the site of our first naval victory in the Revolutionary War when the British fleet under Admiral Sir Peter Parker was defeated at the battle of Fort Sullivan on 28 June 1776…certainly an encouragement to those in Philadelphia who were thinking about putting their names and necks on the piece of paper we know as “The Declaration of Independence.”

The United States Navy’s worst defeat prior to Pearl Harbor was here in Charleston Harbor, when the Union fleet under Admiral DuPont tried to force Charleston Harbor open in April 1863 and was beaten off by Confederate forces under Beauregard.

From Charleston came the first head of the Bureau of Naval Aviation with RADM William A. Moffett, a Medal of Honor recipient, who is known as the “Father of Naval Aviation.” His father fought at Fort Sumter during the Civil War.

Rear Admiral William Adger Moffett

If Bill Moffett were alive today he would be proud and amazed at what his Naval Aviation has become! Just look below at a few images from today! The most powerful and amazing Navy in world history!!!

(Photo courtesy of Robert Manucy)

Fat Albert flies by the Fighting Lady at Patriots Point! (Photo courtesy of Robert Manucy)

Fat Albert! (Photo courtesy of Robert Manucy)

Blues in delta formation heading over Castle Pinckney (Photo courtesy of Robert Manucy).

Blue Angel #5 low pass...(Photo courtesy of Robert Manucy)

Blue Angel #5 heading in...(Photo courtesy of Robert Manucy)



  1. Always breath-taking! Fly NAVY!! Glad to have spend my ‘youth’ around Navy fliers and produced a new candidate now in USN flight school. Bless these aviators! Keep ’em safe! πŸ˜€ Kudos to you, cuz! πŸ˜‰


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