Posted by: Waring Hills | 8 February 2010

Happy 100th birthday to the Boy Scouts of America

Nobody knew it at the time, but when American businessman William Boyce lost his way in the London fog in 1909 and was guided to his destination by a boy explaining he was a Scout that this would lead to the American Boy Scout movement. The following year on February 8, 1910, papers incorporating the Boy Scouts of America were signed. Today we celebrate the Centennial of Scouting in the United States of America.

Patriots Point and the USS Yorktown have had a long term relation with the Boy Scouts of America.I would guess that a significant number of her crew in the past had a some time been involved with Boy Scouts. Read an interesting story on scouts in the military here.

Since 1980 over 400,000 scouts have camped onboard the USS Yorktown at Patriots Point. Recently a visiting professor from Appalachian State University visited with his son and he commented,

I have just returned from a cub scout weekend on board the Yorktown and wanted to thank you and your entire crew for a exceptionally fine experience for these young people! I appreciated the organized activities, self paced tours and the general ways that  the days were planned.

My son (7 years old) is continuing to talk about his explorations aboard the carrier and the wonderful time he had. He can’t wait to return and repeat his experience with his brother.

I especially want to commend the folks who implemented the oceanography program for the kids. There seemed to be just the right balance between instruction and “hands on activities for the youngsters. I know my son gained much from that experience. The Saturday evening program was also very well done. It is so refreshing to hear such positive affirmations about our great country along with the sacrifices made by others to make it so great. Our young people need to hear so much more of this.

Thanks again for a job well done!


Dr. John Tashner
Dept. of Leadership and Educational Studies
College of Education
Appalachian State University

We look forward to many more scouts visiting Patriots Point as we help the Boy Scouts of America mold our boys into men during scouting’s next 100 years!



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