Posted by: Waring Hills | 27 January 2010

5th Grade Floodtide at Patriots Point!

Whitesides student trys on a World War II helmet.

From 12 January to 11 March over 3367 students plus associated teachers and parents will be attending the History/Science Program at Patriots Point. This is the entire 5th grade student population of Charleston County School District! Funding was accomplished by a grant from the USS Yorktown Association and Charleston County School District.

Students will be learning history standards from World War II and science standards in the marine ecosystem areas. They rotate between 3 history stations and 3 science stations. Below are pictures taken by Patriots Point graphics artist Jim Vickers during the Whitesides Elementary School visit on 13 January.

Whitesides students ask Mr. Jim Morrow, World War II Marine, about his experience at the battle of Tarawa in November 1943.

Students learn about the crew of the SBD (Scout Bomber Douglas) and how the aircraft was used in the Pacific War.

Whitesides students become crewmembers of USS Yorktown (CV-10).

So this is how we can measure Ph!

Learning about "abiotic and biotic" factors in the new Marine Science center on USS Yorktown (CV-10).

What did we catch? Students sample the waters of Charleston harbor.



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