Posted by: Waring Hills | 6 February 2009

Cold week at Patriots Point, but spring around the corner!

It has been a very cold, windy week here at Patriots Point. I don’t remember a couple of colder days in the past ten years (30’s daytime, 20’s at night), but the weather today is trending back towards springlike weather this weekend…70’s and sunny…and like the temperature going up, visitors to the Yorktown are increasing.  Here you can see six tour busses in the parking lot this morning (USS Yorktown in background).

Six busses in the Patriots Point parking lot on 06 February.

Six busses in the Patriots Point parking lot on 06 February. (Photo credit - Charlie Hall, Patriots Point)

The Southeastern Wildlife Exposition begins next weekend and our spring weekday visitation picks up along with the myriad of visiting school groups, day visit and camping onboard. With the crowds I’ll be back up on the flight deck telling the stories of Cunningham, Glenn, McCain, O’Hare  and others…the flight deck of an aircraft carrier is the most dangerous place on the face of the earth, but I’ve never felt more alive than the days I walked a screaming, hot and heaving deck of steel on one the world’s vast oceans of blue!



  1. You bet it’s cold, Butch! I just came back from pulling my Saturday morning volunteer “watch” on board the Yorktown. By noon it finally turned nice and warm outside, but the hanger deck was retaining the chilled, night-time air and was colder than an Antarctic deckhand in skivvies! But it could be worse — we could be telling folks about the Fighting Lady in Wisconsin!


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